Tex-Sun Shade & Blind Company - Luminette

Tex-Sun Shades offers the newest, boldest, and largest selection of the latest offerings in the Window Covering realm. Here you will find about the Hunter Douglas Luminette, the combination Pleated Sheer and Privacy Drape now the rage. Also, the Graber Fresco, the latest in the new line of Roman Shade offerings started by the Vignette and followed by the Crescendo by Verosol. Check here often to learn about the newest designs for your window covering needs.

Luminette Privacy Sheers

Tex-Sun Shade & Blind Company - Luminette

Luminette Privacy Sheers combine the light-providing quality of classic sheers with the privacy of soft draperies. The result is one incomparable window fashion that offers limitless possibilities...only from Hunter Douglas.

Luminette sheers look great in virtually any room and in any rectangular window or door opening. From French doors to expansive walls of windows, Luminette sheers enhance the character of any decor.

With the use of a cord loop, Luminette sheers are easily drawn open and closed. When the sheers are drawn closed, the fabric vanes can be rotated with the simple twist of the wand. The innovative wand and cord are combined into a single control for a perfect blend of form and function.

Luminette comes with the revolutionary PowerGlide.


Tex-Sun Shade & Blind Company - Vignette

Another triumph in style and innovation from Hunter Douglas, Vignette is unlike any alternative window covering. Because is lends a unique look and feel to a room, it's the perfect choice when your customer desires a change in decor.

Vignette window shadings feature a combination of a soft knit rear fabric and a flowing woven front fabric. The front fabric is attached to the rear to form graceful folds which overlap each other like billowy waves. Specially designed fabrics ensure that Vignette shadings will retain their shape and fullness for years to come.

Tex-Sun Shade & Blind Company - Silhouette

Silhouette window shadings combine the best characteristics of curtains, shades and blinds to create a remarkable design that is distinctively different from any other window fashion.

The unique look of Silhouette is created by soft vanes suspended between sheer facings. When a shading is completely lowered, the floating vanes are easily adjustable. They can be opened wide for a full, soft-focus view; closed for privacy; or tilted for light control-the soft way. The Silhouette hardware system is engineered for easy lifting, and smooth, quiet operation. The headrail, operating cord, and components are color coordinated to the fabric, further adding to the beauty of this revolutionary window covering.
Silhouette also comes with the PoweRise system.


Tex-Sun Shade & Blind Company - Exterior Shades Replaces regular insect screening... SunScreen solar screening is a leading choice for sun control among architects, builders and homeowners.
• Exterior shading of windows
and doors
• Blocks up to 87 percent of the

total annual solar heat gain
• Screen is 70 percent open area

-distinctive appearance in lasting
• Made of durable, long-lasting
Tex-Sun Shade & Blind Company - The Window Crown

Give your arches the royal treatment they deserve with "The Window Crown" A creative alternative for eyebrow & arch window openings to the traditional wood shutter fan.


Tex-Sun Shade & Blind Company - Cornices

The perfect finish for any window. New Levolor Wood Cornices.

• Premium Solid Hardwoods

• Furniture Quality Finish

• Easy to Install over Wood and
Vertical Blinds and Draperies

• Color Coordinated with Levolor
Wood Blinds

Plantation Wood Cornice
by Skandia

• Painted Plantation Cornices are
made of 5/8" M.D.F. wood
material with American Hardwood
• Stained Plantation Cornices
are made of 5/8" American

• Standard Returns are 3 1/2"
inside dimension. Returns of 6"
and 9" inside dimension are
also available.
• Minimum width is 18" and
maximum width is 120".
• Width is defined as the
inside dimension of the cornice
from left to right.
• Height is defined as the outside
dimension of the cornice form
top to bottom.
• Freight will be prepaid and
added to invoice.
• Option of 90 Butt Corners at
$25.00 per corner.

Meet the next generation of window fashions, Fresco shades. Stylish, versatile, affordable and above all, comfortable. Made of beautiful woven drapery fabrics, Fresco opens a new world of exciting ideas to help you create the feeling you've always wanted in your home!


• The patented Soft Touch control cord has three small, bead-like controls. To raise the shade you simply grasp the bottom bead and gently pull straight down on the top bead while applying light pressure to the control cord with your fingertips. Inside the headrail, a miniature clutch mechanism automatically releases the cordlock, eliminating the need to pull diagonally on the cord to release the lock - an award maneuver in corners or if there are drapes or top treatments over the shades. As a no cost option, you may specify the position of the fingertip controls on the control cord-high, low or wherever you'll find them convenient. Unless you specify, the controls will be placed at the shade's midpoint.

• If you use Fresco shades as undertreatments, you may loop the control cord on a hook off to the side. This makes the cord easy to locate and allows you to operate the shade without disturbing the drapes or other window treatments! You still simply pull straight down while holding the appropriate fingertip control.

• The Soft Touch control stops and holds the shade securely, exactly where you want it--without the annoying "drop-back" you often experience with conventional controls. This feature also makes it much easier to adjust several shades to the same height.

• The Soft Touch cordlock is easily adjusted to shorten the shade's drop height--to accommodate a sun-loving houseplant or a cat whose favorite perch is the window sill.

Soft Touch is available on both classic flat and teardrop looped styles and may be positioned on the right (standard) or left side of the shade.

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