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Here you will learn about the many availabilities in the Vertical Blind category. Learn about the Choices of PVC, both in plain styles and new textures and prints, as well as FABRICS which are available in both Free-Hang mode and the very energy-efficient Inserted mode. Verticals are perfect for that Sliding Door or Large expanse of glass in office complexes.




Fashionable, affordable Graber vinyl vertical blinds will look beautiful through years of heavy use. All vinyl stiles are light blocking, so they provide maximum privacy and are very easy to care for.
Select from dozens of styles and colors, including prints and rich-looking textured finishes.

An outstanding collection of designer fabrics includes styles that range from sheer to room darkening.

Fabric louvers come with sewn-in bottom weights in free hanging louvers and optional chains and clips. The Blind Maker can help you make the appropriate choice

Our custom track systems
provide the superior performance and dependable operation
required for commercial applications
The G-71 Super-Vue® features an extra heavy aluminum extruded headrail with our all metal pantograph scissor traversing system and E-Z Open automatic rotation feature which automatically rotates louvers to the open position before they can be stacked to the side. The G-71 Super-Vue® headrail can also be curved through our in-house bending process to accommodate curved windows. Super-Vue® systems come in continuous widths up to 191 inches and can accommodate either 2" or 3½" louvers.

The GraberLite® vertical blind system is designed for use in a wide range of standard commercial or multi-family applications. Head channels are available in custom colors. GraberLite® systems come in continuous widths up to 191" and can accommodate either 2" or 3½" louvers.

the G-85 Dura-Vue® track system provides a number of standard features in a baked ivory enamel steel channel. The perfect system for multi-family applications, Dura-Vue® incorporates reliability and effortless operation in an economical design. Dura-Vue® systems come in continuous widths up to 175" and can accommodate either 2" or 3½" louvers.

Stay Clear Channel
Panel Valance

The valance is a lightweight channel panel system available with a clear edge. Valances include a standard dust cover and 5 ½" return. Inserts may include aluminum, all fabrics, and vinyl louvers in Crown profile.

Deluxe Stay-Clear Channel Panel Valance (Fabric)

This valance maintains all the features of the standard valance but offers a round corner that allows the louver material to flow continuously around the corner in a soft and more decorative look. It is available with fabric louvers with the exception of Luna, Sheffield Insert, Westwood Insert, and Wilton Insert.

LaserLite and Double LaserLite Valances

LaserLite valances are sturdy, durable valances that
come in a variety of trim colors: Gold, Chrome,
Dark Walnut, Light Oak, Brushed Aluminum,
Copper, Metallic Blue, Lavender, Black, Red, White,
Dusty Rose, Grey and Burgundy.

• A dramatic improvement over conventional cord and chain controls, the One Tough, no cord control offers simplicity, greater convenience, improved appearance and safety.

• The One Touch control is a slender wand that replaces cords and chains. Similar to a drapery wand control, the wand is simply twisted to rotate the louvers. The wand also draws the entire blind open or closed.

• One Touch is an excellent choice for patio doors and homes with children or pets.

• One Touch is built for durability and simple operation. The control wand is made of fiberglass, not plastic. Within the headrail, a special clutch prevents damage to the operating mechanism, if the control wand is rotated too far.

• Available on all Graber headrails in one-way and split draw with 3 ½" louvers. Not available with reverse controls.

• No extra charge

• The wand has a no-slip handle



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